Today I noticed that my github account has marked Github Arctic Code Vault Contributor. Let’s find out what it is.

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Your code is safe and sound in the Arctic

Github took a snapshot of all active public repositories to archive in the vault, located in the Arctic, about 21TB of repository data to 186 reels of piqlFilm (digital photosensitive archival film).

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Github piql

Now we are assured that our code will live securely. :)


Proxy server

for understanding how proxy server works.

There are reverse proxy and forward proxy. Reverse proxy handle the request coming to your server, manipulate it and then send to your server. Forward proxy, handle the request you sent from your side to the target site, manipulate it. In short, proxy work as the middle man.

In this post we will implement forward proxy.

The code:

Now we’re done with building a proxy server. Let’s call some requests from the client.

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Forward proxy

And calling to localhost:33333 will actually forward request to ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, and we got the response data from the ncbi site.



It’s a convenient way for doing repetitive tasks for collecting information about the repositories, commits, branches ..

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Bitbucket API now has REST API version 2.0 but in this post, we will go with version 1.0 since I do not have bitbucket server for version 2.0 now. But it’s ok. The idea is showing you guys some functionalities that Bitbucket API supports.

First, to be able to retrieve sensitive data about projects, you will need the access token. The access token you can get from the user profile settings in Bitbucket site.

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Powerful Token

There are some role with token specific to your needs : admin / read / write. In this example I’m using admin role.

  • Get all repositories in a…


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