Document your application with MkDocs

Recently I’ve been given a task to document our web applications. In this post we will go over how to do it with MkDocs.

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Mkdocs is based in Python. So you need to install Mkdocs with “pip” in order to implement.

pip install mkdocs

We have some built-in themes in Mkdocs. But we can customize the themes we would like to. The theme folder will be in the same level with the docs level.

First we need to create the mkdocs.yml file.

Here we define the theme directory we will use, which is “cinder” dir.

The navigation links with multiple levels.

“Cinder” directory will consist of html, yml files with js or css files if needed.

To run the documentation page, simply put:

mkdocs serve

There we go.

Documentation page with Mkdocs

The full source code can be found in here.

Thanks for reading my post.


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