Generate allure report with ginkgo

Ginkgo is a great framework for structuring your tests in Go. With the ability to extend test report with allure, it’s even better.

Donald Le
Mar 12, 2022


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First, make sure you install allure in your environment. Follow this guide for how to do it.

Check whether allure is installed successfully with.

allure --version

Run your ginkgo test with option for generating report xml

ginkgo -r --keep-going --junit-report=report.xml ${test_path}

Move your test result (report.xml) to allure results folder

mkdir allure-results
mv report.xml allure-results

Generate allure report with these commands:

allure generate

Open it

allure open

Now allure report is ready

Ginkgo report extend with allure

Now we have a pretty good report viewer with the help of allure.

Hope this helps~~




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