Salary in Test Field

How I triple my salary in 3 years as a Test Engineer

Salary is not all when it comes to choose the job. But it still plays a major part when it comes to job opportunities. If you still can do what you love, and have a good salary, isn’t that better?

Deal Salary

  • Confident about yourself ( know what you can do, aware that you cannot know everything, but you can learn because you are enthusiastic about what you do)
  • Have a number in your mind ( that could be 2k, or 3k gross or NET)
  • When the HR ask how much do you want? Don’t answer it directly. Ask what they can afford? Then slightly raise it about 10–15 percent( don’t raise much because they will not accept it since it is much higher)
  • When the HR answer, deal accordingly
  • Remember what you do in the interview does not determine how much you will achieve. Stick with what you want:
  • Often the best time for dealing salary well is when you already worked on something (job or something make money) so that you are not on the burden of neediness for the job. Then you can freely deal
  • Note that it would be easier to deal salary at the certain time of the year, like at the end of the year, if some company wants to hire you, that means they badly needed the position then they will be easier to open for high salary. Also that mean you will not get 13th salary, so be picky about this.
  • Or at some certain position, it is vital so it will be easier to deal salary
  • Good news is right now, the number of people who are good at testing and programming is not many, so if you do have those skills, it will be easier to deal since there’s higher needs.


  • Only put what you know in your CV
  • If there’s something you don’t know, just say you don’t know it, don’t try to guess
  • If there’s something about your weaknesses, answer directly, don’t try to hide
  • Look into the eyes of the interviewers
  • Remember that you don’t need the job, you only want it.
  • Take it as an opportunity to learn
  • Often it would be easier if you know someone who works for the company you’re applying for, then ask him/her to refer you.

Personal Brand

  • Not only the marketing job need the brand
  • If you’re known in the community (let’s say development or testing), then you may not need to be interviewed but be approached by them
  • When you’re building your personal brand, actually it’s a chance for you to learn so that you’ll grow
  • You will have chance to become a consultant, or working remotely with very attractive salary

→ So how do you build personal brand

  • Contribute to some open-source project
  • Build your portfolio site beautifully
  • Contribute to some community like testingvn
  • Write blogs regularly about things (linkedin, your personal website, medium, ..)


These are what I found from my own experience. It may vary but hope it could help some of you guys.

~~ PEACE ~~

A passionate automation engineer who strongly believes in “A man can do anything he wants if he puts in the work”.

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