Yes, you are enough. You need to feel you’re happy even though there’s no girl around you. Whether or not you get that girl, you’re still happy.

Why we need to think in this way, because when you feel you’re not enough, you will try to approach women in a way that you need that woman to be happy.

That’s thing right there will first, put you in the low zone, like the girl is the prize, and you really want to get it, that will make her have a chance to feel privileged over you. Second, it also put a lot of pressure on her, she will not feel relaxed when having you around.

In the past, I used to think in this way. Like I really liked that girl, and when I don’t have her, I really feel sad and worthless. Stop being like this. I will only make her see you like a poor guy, pity boy. And she might want to be around you, but will be like your friend, your sister. That could easily put you into friend zone.

Feel enough, try to think that you’re life is still wonderful without her. You still go on vacation, still have your passion ( it could be work, sport or anything), still got new friends.. Life must go on, with or without her. Once you think like this, it will make a lot of difference. And when you try to connect with her, you will not come from position of neediness.

That’s it guys. More posts in the series will come soon.

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A passionate automation engineer who strongly believes in “A man can do anything he wants if he puts in the work”.

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