How to shoot pull shot with power in foosball

Recently, I started playing foosball at the new company. I struggled a lot for how to do the shot with my right hand. Something is not right.

Photo by Rodrigo Ramos on Unsplash

What the shot from my left hand. There’s enough power. But I tried multiple ways to do the shot with right hand but it is always awkward. So here is what I found out.

Turns out, most of the reason for the weak right hand is due to my position. When I do the shot, I tend not to point my chest to the opponent goal. We have to point our chest to the opponent goal. That will make the shot much more natural. Just like when we are driving motorcycle.

Secondly, try to grip the hand comfortably and flexibly. Don’t be too hard on the hand when you do not shoot.

Thirdly, when you try to shoot, hold the hand tightly. Focus on the ball and use the wrist to boom.

Hope it helps guys.

Life is not just about working.

Having some fun!!!

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