Multiple languages translation in Docusaurus

with Crowdin.

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Docusaurus is a very convenient framework for building websites when it comes to documentation or blogging. Often in times, we need to have multiple translation support due to a wide range of audience.

Docusaurus now has version 2, but it is still alpha, so there is some functionality like translation is not well supported.

In this post, to demonstrate how to apply translation in Docusaurus, we will use version 1.

First we need to go over how Docusaurus apply translation. It comes with Crowdin support.

We need to create a new account and a project in crowdin. In order to work with Docusaurus, we need to get the Project_ID and API_Token from crowdin.

For project_id, navigate to

For api_token, navigate to to generate the token.

For example we want to translate our documentation site to Vietnamese, the crowdin.yaml file would look like below

In order to translate, we need to upload the documentation of our project to crowdin by

To download

To enable the language displayed in the page, create language.js in website folder in our repository

And let’s build the documentation by

The documentation will look like this ( from official page of docusaurus 1)

Hope it helps

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