Parse Json to object models in Scala using play-json

Recently, I’m working on automation performance test for the new project in our company.

<!-- -->
"music": {
"mobile": {
"api": {
"domain": "",
"basicAuth": {
"username": "mobile-browser",
"password": "zDPE5bBC"
case class Environments(coccocMusic: CoccocMusic)

case class CoccocMusic(mobile: Mobile)

case class Mobile(api: Api)

case class Api(domain: String, basicAuth: BasicAuth)

case class BasicAuth(username: String, password: String)
object BasicAuth{
implicit val basicAuthReads: Reads[BasicAuth] = (
(JsPath \ "username").read[String] and
(JsPath \ "password").read[String]
)(BasicAuth.apply _)

object Api{
implicit val apiReads: Reads[Api] = (
(JsPath \ "domain").read[String] and
(JsPath \ "basicAuth").read[BasicAuth]
)(Api.apply _)

object Mobile{

implicit val mobileReads: Reads[Mobile] =
(__ \ "api").read[Api].map(Mobile.apply)

object CoccocMusic{

implicit val coccocMusicReads: Reads[CoccocMusic] =
(__ \ "mobile").read[Mobile].map(CoccocMusic.apply)

object Environments{
implicit val coccocMusicReads: Reads[Environments] =
(__ \ "music").read[CoccocMusic].map(Environments.apply)
object Main extends App {
val filename = System.getProperty("user.dir") + "/src/main/resources/env.json"
val bufferSource=Source.fromFile(filename)
try {
val source:String=bufferSource.getLines.mkString
val jsonFormat = Json.parse(source)
val jsonStructure = Json.fromJson[Environments](jsonFormat)
finally {


A passionate automation engineer who strongly believes in “A man can do anything he wants if he puts in the work”.

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