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Sometimes little things mean a lot

Last week, I took 2 days off from work to take care of my little baby. And it means a lot to me and him.

At first, I did not feel like it. Take 2 days off from work means a lot of tasks are on-hold. And I don’t have time for writing on Medium. But indeed, what I got is actually worth-spending time. I enjoyed the time being with him. My parents do not usually take him to the shopping mall or going a little bit far from the house. So when I took him , he really liked it. Ahh forgot to tell you that my baby is just 7 month old. Spending time with him, holding him, we share the love. And it seems like I love him more when I spend more time with him. And he does too.

And actually, staying away from the work for sometime, it generate more energy for me. Today when I come back to work, I feel the hunger for researching, doing the pending tasks. Sometimes you have to change things up because life is about change. And in deed, the little things might not so little at all.

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A passionate automation engineer who strongly believes in “A man can do anything he wants if he puts in the work”.

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