The stories we tell ourselves

and why it’s so important to have a happy life.

Photo by Klim Sergeev on Unsplash

To have a happy life, one should have a meaningful life. That helps you awake in all the noise life brings to you, especially in the era of digital data. Without the purposes, we just go randomly to places, doing the trivia things. Sooner or later, you will ask yourself, “what did I do after all the time?”.

I believe everyone was born to do something. And you gotta find it. The story you tell yourself every morning is so important. It impact to all the things you do. If you do something genuinely on purpose, you will enjoy it. In fact, you will have the courage to conquer the hardship.

The stories we tell ourselves, not just impact to us only but also to the other people around us. Sometimes it even help to motivate to others. One cannot change much. But if there is a bunch of us, we can do something meaningful. So what are your stories? Is it optimistic or pessimistic? Or will they have happy ending? Choose wisely.

For me, I believe I was born to be a motivational, a helper. I love helping people. And writing medium is part of them. Being a quality engineer, I help the company to raise quality standard, to make customer happy.


A passionate automation engineer who strongly believes in “A man can do anything he wants if he puts in the work”.

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