Why would you set schedule for life

Because you can set the schedule for the things that you enjoy.

Photo by Marc Kleen on Unsplash

So often in life, we neglect to set schedules. Because we don’t want to attach to something, because what if we don’t like to do it.

But you know what, if you don’t set the schedule, you might work like a blind. And day after day, you will fail because you don’t set the goal, the target where you might want to get.

And in fact, if you don’t get to where you want, you will do the things that are meaningless to you. And if you know you’re doing the things that is meaningless, you will not be HAPPY.

To be happy, you have to do the thing that you think it’s meaningful. That the thing is important to you, and to someone. Like if you’re doing it, not just you’re helping yourself, you also help someone out there.

So set schedule for your life. Don’t just do random things, because time is value. You can’t get it back.


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